The Slow Death of Hollywood

mercredi 10 juillet 2019 :: perrick :: Notes :: aucun commentaire :: aucun trackback

Peter Thiel a popularisé le concept de vainqueur qui rafle tout avec son fameux From 0 to 1. Matt Stoller - dans sa newsletter Big - décortique ces jeux de puissance monopolistique et appuie là où ça fait mal en prenant cette fois le cas d'Hollywood (entre Netflix et Disney).

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only goal now in Hollywood is to become gain market power in distribution or must-have content production, and then use that monopoly power to reduce the quality of output and reduce the bargaining leverage of artists. Even the agents, who are supposed to represent artists, are getting into the vertical integration game. The net effect is higher prices, less paid to artists, a less creative industry, and ultimately, the death of the Hollywood ecosystem of storytelling. Such a dynamic isn’t just a problem in terms of a more arid artistic world, but is in fact a political and national security problem.

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