When A.I. Comes for the Elites

lundi 20 novembre 2023 :: perrick :: Notes :: aucun commentaire :: aucun trackback

Son excellent End of Time ne mentionnait pas cette vague d'Intelligence Artificielle initiée par ChatGPT mais faisait de savants calculs pour décortiquer les révolutions. Le dernier billet de Peter Turchin fait plus mal encore :

If the outlook for most people holding new law degrees looks dire today, the development of new A.I. will make it much worse. A recent Goldman Sachs report estimates that 44% of legal work can be automated—lawyers will be the second worst-hit profession, after Office and Administrative Support. If market forces are allowed to have their way, we will create a perfect breeding ground for radical and revolutionary groups, feeding off the vast army of intelligent, ambitious, skilled young people with no employment prospects, who have nothing to lose but their crushing student loans. Many societies in the past got into this predicament. The usual outcome is a revolution or a civil war, or both.

Il va falloir accrocher des ceintures...

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